Article 2: Recognition

2.1 INCLUDED IN THE BARGAINING UNIT SHALL BE: All full and part-time regular certificated employees who are either probationary, permanent, temporary or long-term substitutes serving in the following positions: classroom teachers; special projects teachers such as GATE, SIP, Chapter I; counselors, psychologists, librarians, nurses, adapted physical education teachers, and speech and language specialists. For purposes of this Article, long-term substitutes shall be limited to those substitutes hired for an assignment known to extend beyond seventy-five percent (75%) of the number of days in the contracted school year.

2.2 EXCLUDED FROM THE BARGAINING UNIT SHALL BE: All classified and other non-certificated employees; all consultants and casual or short-term personnel, such as day-to-day substitutes, hourly personnel serving in categorically funded programs; all management, supervisory, and confidential employees as defined in Government Code 3540.1.

2.3 Except for new positions created during the term of this agreement, it is agreed that the above is the only appropriate unit for representation purposes and that neither the Association nor the District will seek by any means, including but not limited to, utilization of the Public Employment Relations Board proceedings to revise or amend the unit during the duration of the Agreement.