Article 7: Early Retirement Program

7.1 Definition

Early retirement is a voluntary plan whereby unit members may retire from the District and be eligible to continue their participation in the District medical insurance program at District expense.

7.2 Eligibility

To be eligible for this program, unit members must meet the following eligibility requirements:

A. Full-time employee of the District immediately prior to participation

B. Have rendered service for ten (10) consecutive years in the District as a full-time employee

C. Age 55 or over

7.3 The District will pay the full cost of the District medical insurance program for the retiree for ten (10) consecutive years subsequent to retirement, or until Medicare eligibility.

7.4 The District payment shall be the full cost of the medical insurance being offered to active employees, subject to any limitations imposed by the insurance carriers. Any changes to the plan or benefits shall be consistent with those changes for active employees and will be noticed to the retiree as soon as practical.

7.5 For the purpose of this Article, “employee” is any unit member described in Article 2, Section 2.1, of this Agreement.