Article 8: Hours/Workday

Work Day:

8.1 The unit members’ instructional day is governed by their educational responsibilities rather than by a fixed starting and ending time. Educational responsibilities include, but are not limited to: classroom instruction; planning, selecting and preparing materials; receiving and evaluating work of pupils; supervising pupils and providing leadership for organizations and activities within and outside the classroom as special needs arise; participation in Open House and Back-to-School Night activities; cooperating with colleagues in curriculum and other professional activities; and, within reason, making themselves available for staff meetings and consulting with students, parents, and other staff members. The time provided for early dismissal schedules and/or pupil-free days shall be used by unit members without classroom responsibilities for preparing evaluation documents pertinent to the assignment or performing other duties directly related to their positions.

Work Year:

8.2 Teachers: A returning teacher’s work year will consist of 185 workdays. A newly hired teacher’s work year will consist of 186 workdays, which includes a new teacher orientation day.

8.3 Psychologists: A school psychologist’s work year shall be 187 days, two (2) days more than a returning teacher’s work year.

8.4 Guidance Counselors: The work year for counselors assigned to the High School shall be 195 days, ten (10) days more than a returning teacher’s work year. The work year for counselors assigned to the Middle School shall be five (5) days more a returning teacher’s work year.

8.4.1 The basic work calendar for counselors shall parallel the work calendar for teachers assigned to the same work site. The scheduling of the ten additional days assigned to High School counselors and the five additional days assigned to Middle School counselors shall be mutually agreed upon by the site administrator and counselor. If no agreement can be reached, the days shall be determined by the site administrator. The additional days to be scheduled shall be determined before June 30 of the year preceding the school year that the days will be served. It is the intent of both the District and Association that the additional days of service be creditable for purposes of retirement under the STRS system.

8.5 The administration shall make every effort to protect a teacher’s time from noninstructional assignments and, except in emergency situations, shall not assign duties during a teacher’s scheduled break periods.

8.6 The elementary preparation period shall follow student dismissal (1:15 p.m.) on the last day of the week and shall not be used for administration called meetings. It is expected that elementary planning and preparation take place on campus. But, in those instances when a unit member must leave campus during this time, the unit member shall coordinate his/her departure with the school office.

8.7 Each secondary teacher who is assigned to three or more teaching periods per day shall be assigned one (1) preparation/conference period each day. It is expected that planning and preparation take place on campus. But, in those instances when a unit member must leave campus during this time the unit member shall coordinate his/her departure with the school office. When unforeseen circumstances arise, a teacher may be required to provide replacement services for a unit member temporarily absent. In assigning such replacement duties, site administrators shall give as much notice as possible and make a reasonable effort to distribute these replacement duties equitably among the staff.

8.7.1 Unit members shall be provided a duty-free lunch period of not less than 30 minutes during each regularly assigned workday in accordance with Education Code 44813.

8.8 Any teacher required to travel from one campus to another shall be provided adequate travel time in addition to the usual preparation period.

8.9 Elementary teachers will be relieved of morning recess yard duties subject to the District’s ability to obtain playground supervisors and the regular attendance of those supervisors. In emergency situations where supervisors cannot be obtained or fail to appear for work, teachers will be required to provide the replacement yard duty services on a rotating basis.

8.10 Job Sharing The District provides an opportunity for teachers to participate in a job sharing program. In order to be eligible for the job sharing program, a teacher cannot be currently employed in a probationary status.

8.10 Job Sharing

The District provides an opportunity for teachers to participate in a job sharing program. In order to be eligible for the job sharing program, a teacher cannot be currently employed in a probationary status.

A. Regulations/Procedures

The following regulations/procedures are established for the job sharing program:

1) Participation in the job sharing program shall be voluntary and limited to K-5 certificated staff, subject to approval of the Superintendent.

2) Shared assignment proposals must be mutually agreed upon by the Principal and the affected certificated employees prior to being submitted to the Superintendent.

B. Shared Duties and Responsibilities

All employees participating in a job sharing assignment shall perform those duties and responsibilities routinely required within a school or department and are not limited to the following:

1) Be on duty for all pre-school orientation days, back-to-school and open house nights on the same basis as full-time employees.

2) Each participating employee shall work all staff development days.

3) Both teachers shall work fall parent conference week, conference portion, and may alternate morning portions of the week. Spring parent conference day(s) shall be conducted jointly as needed; both teachers shall confer with the parents of any retention candidates.

4) Attend faculty meetings as scheduled on the respective “on duty days.” The responsibility for communication of information disseminated in a meeting rests with both employees.

5) Non-teaching duties and responsibilities are to be shared proportionately between the participating employees.

6) Both teachers are responsible for IEP and related reports, testing evaluation and all routine and special reports required.

7) Both teachers shall be responsible for attending/participating in/or making other arrangements with the site principal concerning scheduled evening programs/workshops.

C. Application Procedures

Following written intent to enter into a job sharing situation, a plan must be developed. Except for the reason described below, job sharing plans shall be submitted to the Personnel Office through the requesting unit members’ principal prior to the first regularly scheduled Board meeting in April. After this date, a later date for submission can be agreed upon by the principal and the unit members.

Submission of job sharing plans after the April date noted above must be due to circumstances unforeseen at the time of the April date. All job sharing plans are still subject to approval by the unit members’ principal and the Governing Board. The job sharing plan must include the following components:

1) The specific work site.

2) Individual work calendars showing specific days and times each participant will work the entire year.

3) Designated times for participants to meet with each other, with fellow teachers, or with other employees (e.g., support staff) to confer about student progress, to diagnose student needs, and to establish working relationships.

4) Attendance at faculty meetings.

5) Provisions for communicating with parents and appropriate school personnel.

6) A plan for parent/teacher conferences and completion of written pupil progress reports.

7) A plan to ensure consistent classroom management.

D. Salary Benefits

1) Each participating employee will receive one-half of the salary he/she would receive if working full-time.

2) Each participant who works a full year in this job sharing program will receive one-half year of credit toward advancement on the salary schedule.

E. Fringe Benefits

1) Health and welfare benefits leave benefits, and STRS contributions shall be prorated at the percentage that the participant’s assignment relates to a full-time position.

2) Participating employees may elect to divide the health and welfare District contribution in any manner to which they agree. Each may maintain full health and welfare benefits by paying any additional monthly premium in advance and as arranged with the Business Office.

3) Employees on shared assignments will contribute to the State Teacher’s Retirement System, and will receive credit for one-half year of service toward retirement. The District will continue its contributions on the prorated basis.

4) Workers’ Compensation benefits shall be paid in accordance with existing law.

F. Duration

Shared assignments for the job-sharing program shall be approved on a year-to-year basis for one (1) school year.

G. Absences

1) If one member of a shared assignment is unable to fulfill the requirements of the assignment for the remainder of the year, it is understood and agreed to when entering into the agreement that the remaining member will assume the responsibility and salary/benefits of the full-time positions.

2) When one member of a shared assignment is absent for any reason and the other member volunteers as the substitute, the job share partner will be paid his/her daily rate.

H. Evaluation

The individuals entering into a job sharing assignment may be evaluated on an annual basis at the discretion of their administration.

I. Tenure

Shared contract status shall not constitute a break in service.

J. Termination

There are three (3) parties subject to a shared teaching arrangement: teacher 1, teacher 2, and the school Principal. When the Principal becomes aware of problems or concerns which have arisen that may have bearing on continuance of the shared teaching arrangement, he/she will hold a meeting with all parties to determine if the situation can be resolved. If, in the Principal’s determination, it is in the best interest of the students/District, the shared teaching arrangement be terminated during the year, it may be terminated only at a natural break (e.g., end of semester).

K. General Provisions

Each participant shall assume full responsibility for the assignment, including responsibility for students. Parent/teacher conferences and written pupil progress reports to parents shall be the joint responsibility of the job share team.

L. Note of Understanding

Each participating teacher and the Principal must sign the application form which shall include the following statement:

I understand the above provisions and enter into this job sharing arrangement on my own desire.

My signature signifies my acceptance of the provisions.

________________________ ______________________________

________________________ ______________________________

Date                                                         School Site

8.11 Reduced Services Employment Plan

The Reduced Services Employment Plan (RSEP) provides a certificated employee with the opportunity to reduce his/her workload from full-time to part-time duties (at least 50%) and receive the service credit the unit member would receive if the unit member were employed on a full-time basis. This unit member will have his/her retirement allowance, as well as other benefits that the unit member is entitled to, based upon the salary that the unit member would have received if employed on a full-time basis. (Education Code Sections 44922, 22724, and 89516.)

A. The following requirements apply to the RSEP:

1. The unit member must have reached the age of 55 prior to July 1 of the school year in which the reduced services employment begins.

2. The unit member must have been employed full-time in a position requiring certification for at least 10 years, of which the immediately preceding five years were full-time employment.

B. A RSEP shall consist of the following choices and shall be selected in consultation with the site administrator:

1. Equivalent of at least one-half (50%) the number of sequential days of service required by the unit member’s contract of employment during his/her final year of service in a full-time position (i.e. one semester on/one semester off); or

2. Equivalent to half-time (50%) employment per day for the full school year.

3. Any configuration of work days established between the unit member and site administrator that is equivalent to 50% of the full-time service.

4. If the unit member does not earn creditable compensation for at least 50% of full-time in any one school year, service credit for the year will be calculated on actual time worked.

C. The unit member shall receive the salary that is a prorate share of the salary the employee would be earning if the employee continued in fulltime employment. The unit member’s retirement contribution, paid by both the District and the unit member, shall be the same as if the unit member taught full-time. The unit member shall receive health and welfare benefits as though he/she were a full-time employee. All leave benefits afforded a full-time unit member shall be earned on a prorated basis.

D. Not more than 2% of the unit members shall participate in the reduced services program in any school year unless agreed to by the District. The length of participation in the reduced services employment plan shall not exceed a 10-year period. When the number of qualifying applicants in any given year exceeds the 2% maximum when coupled with unit members already in the RSEP, unit members (not yet in RSEP) with the greatest District seniority in rank order will be approved for the program until the 2% is reached.

E. The reduced services unit member shall have responsibilities prorated in relation to full-time employment. The unit member, in selecting or designing a plan, shall identify, in consultation with his/her site administrator, how and when professional duties and responsibilities will be performed.

F. Participation in the reduced services program may be terminated with mutual consent of the District and the unit member.

G. The unit member shall file an application for reduced service employment or for termination of participation in the program with the Human Resource Office by May 1 of each succeeding year the RSEP is offered.

Application for Reduction in Work Schedule